Welcome to Climate Airconditioning

Climate Airconditioning is an air conditioning company, providing expert advice in design, installation and service. We cater to all areas in Sydney including the Inner City, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs and suburbs in the North & South.

Climate Airconditioning is a year round business that works with both residential, commercial and industrial business in heating and air conditioning.If you already own an air conditioning system, regular maintenance on the system is important to keeping your energy bill low and your system running smoothly.

Regardless of the season, regular maintenance is important. Climate Airconditioning will provide you with the correct service, spare parts and any other necessary requirements. We will also check all the mechanical systems to make sure they are properly up and running.

To get your free air conditioning quote or if you would simply like to ask a few questions about air conditioning give Climate Airconditioning a call on 0400 841 601 or make an enquiry today.